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The DT Online structures database contains examples of the structures we find around us.

Users can add new examples of structures which, when approved by the moderator, will be available to all. To add a new structure, simply click on ADD NEW STRUCTURE and complete the details as indicated.

The images below display a random sample from the structures database, each of which may be clicked on to reveal further details.

Use the search facility to find a particular structure.

Muli-media ICT room
BSF: ICT suites in Singapore
Front view
Director's Chair
Millennium Eye Bridge
millenium Eye Bridge
Ouse Bridge, York
Ouse Bridge, York
Oresund high bridge and tunnel
Øresund bridge
View of the bridge from downstream on the south shore
Severn Suspension Bridge
The Sky Flier
The Sky Flier
Simple Beam Bridge
Cantilever Bridge
Cantilever Bridge

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