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Folded Card Products

Within the packaging section, a number of projects in folded card are available - eg Periscope, Zoetrope, Kaleidoscope, Ocarina. Each project is presented as a net or development which may be altered in size to suit your needs and saved to disc.

Saved designs can be sized to fit a sheet A3 card and plotted on to it using a Roland A3 X-Y Plotter. The resulting 'net' can be cut out, scored, folded and glued to create the required product. See Packaging Information for techniques on working in card.

Example Projects

Choose any of the folded card projects from the Packaging section (eg Periscope) and alter the sizes to suit your own needs. Make sure that your finished design will fit on to a single sheet of A3, either by measurement or by a test plot on paper. Save the design ready to import into the A3 card Template described below. Click here to gain access now to Packaging Designer.

You may wish to enhance the appearance of your periscope or other project by wrapping around it a colour print of a suitable image. See the Colour Printing project for further details.


No template file is included here, since all you need to do is to send the net from the packaging design section at your chosen sizes. Before sending the drawing, load it into a drawing program to check that it fits onto A3 paper, leaving at least 5mm clear around each edge.

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