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A Typical Dam

Dams might be thought of as bridges lying on their side but, because of the increasing pressure of water, they have to support a greater load at the bottom than they do at the top.

The Cheruthoni Dam was built in the twin valley of Periyar river gorge. The Idukki Arch dam was built in the adjacent valley. The two dams store water for the Idukki Hydel Power Project, Kerala. The Cheruthoni Dam ranks amongst the largest dams built in India.

It is a concrete gravity dam and was built for Kerala State Electricity Board in the year 1977.

Length at crest level : 651 metres

Height from deepest foundation level : 133 metres

Concrete Volume : 1.7 million cubic metres
Cheruthoni Dam - click for full size image

Cheruthoni Dam

Structure information

Submitted by

Joseph Sagar


Periyar river gorge, India

Build date



Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.,(HCC)

Materials used


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