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The Terror Riser

The Terror Riser is a fairground ride at Flamingo Land. It is also a very interesting structure.

The carriages are on a huge wheel, which looks like a huge bicycle, or also like a ferris wheel.

It is in the end of a huge arm, attached using an axle which allows it to spin around. The arm is held up by a square-based pyramid made from steel tubes. It is also attached using an axle which allows the arm to rotate.

In the centre of the wheel there are lots of triangular spokes around the carriages to make the wheel sturdy.

The carriages on the edge of the wheel also tip backwards so that you are facing the floor when upside-down.

It is a great ride - you feel like you are going to fall out, but you don't. Thankfully!

By Rhys and Jack
The Terror Riser - click for full size image

The Terror Riser

Arm rotates on axle - click for full size image

Arm rotates on axle

Central axle - click for full size image

Central axle

On the way up - click for full size image

On the way up

Triangular supports - click for full size image

Triangular supports

Structure information

Submitted by

Topcliffe CE Primary School - Class 4


Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire

Build date


Date photo taken




Materials used

steel framework and steel tubes

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