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The Corkscrew

The Cork Screw is a roller coaster at Flamingo Land. It is an exciting, fast ride.

The best part of the ride is when you go upside down on the loop which is shaped like a cork screw.

The structure is made from steel and you can see lots of triangular shapes. This helps to make the structure stronger.

The lift has a chain which pulls the train up to the top. Gravity does the rest!

By Joe, Joelyne, Olivia, Sebastian and Laura
The Corkscrew - click for full size image

The Corkscrew

Modelled in card - click for full size image

Modelled in card

Track Close up - click for full size image

Track Close up

Setting off down hill - click for full size image

Setting off down hill

The lift - click for full size image

The lift

Structure information

Submitted by

Topcliffe CE Primary School - Class 4


Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire

Build date


Date photo taken




Materials used

steel framework and steel tubes

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