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The Bullet

The Bullet is a roller coaster in a figure of 8 style.

The track meets at the top and looks a bit like a church steeple. You are pushed quickly backwards up the slope. You then swoop back down before going upside-down on the loop and back up the "steeple". You then repeat the ride backwards.

The ride is constructed from steel tubes which are bolted together. The structure is mainly made from triangles.

It reminds us a bit of a rocket launch tower.

When the carriages are going round the track, the track wobbles, but it is safe.

The carriages have wheels on top of the track and also underneath it to keep them on the rails.

It is a fascinating structure and it was exciting to ride.

By Peter, Josh, Dan S., Tom F. and Jonathan
The Bullet - click for full size image

The Bullet

View from the end - click for full size image

View from the end

Fixing detail - click for full size image

Fixing detail

The loop - click for full size image

The loop

Modelled in art straws - click for full size image

Modelled in art straws

Structure information

Submitted by

Topcliffe CE Primary School - Class 4


Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire

Build date


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Materials used

Steel Tubes

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