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Adding structures to the databasestructures images

New additions to the structures database may be submitted to the editor using the online form.

All materials on the D&T Online website are provided for free use. You must make sure that any materials you submit are free of any copyright restrictions. See the D&T Online licence page for further details.

You must include a title for the entry, a contact name and contact email address together with at least the main image.

To make subsequent searching and browsing more efficient, please choose appropriate categories by ticking the checkboxes provided.

The words used in your description will be used as keywords in subsequent searches - you are asked to give as much information in the notes section as possible.

You must submit a Main image and optionally up to 4 other Additional images. It is intended that the overlay image should be the same as the main image, but with the the basic structural framework drawn over the top to illustrate the main elements of the structure. The remaining images should be close-ups of various details of the structure. Each image should be supported by a short caption.

The images submitted can be JPEG or PNG files and may be included by typing their full pathnames in the box provided
e.g. C:\image.jpg
On most computers, an easier alternative may be to use the browse button to locate a file on disc. (You may need to select all files in the Files of type: box to see image files).

It will be helpful if you consider download times, and the size of typical users' screens and restrict the size of main images accordingly (recommendations are shown at the right hand side of the form).

In a similar way, a Related file can be submitted for users to download later. The file might contain, for example, a CAD drawing of the structure. The file can be of any type, although where possible it is recommended that you stick with open file formats (such as html, rtf or csv) rather than using proprietary formats such as Word Documents. If you want to submit multiple files, bundle them up into a zip and then submit the zip file.

If you wish to display the address of a related web site (e.g. to a web site about the sturcture) please include its URL in the box provided and add suitable link text (e.g. "Click here for further details about the bridge")

The Reset button clears the form if you need to start again.

Once an entry is submitted (by clicking the Submit button), an email is automatically sent to the editor who will verify it as a genuine entry before finally including it in the database. Once your entry is included, you will automatically receive an email notification.

Alterations beyond this point may be communicated to the editor directly using the email link provided at the bottom of each page.

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