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Packaging Designer CD ROM

The packaging section of D&T Online is now available on CD. The CD has largely been made available in order to help those technology departments who do not yet have internet access in their rooms.

The CD contains all of the packaging information pages from D&T Online along with the packaging designer application and all of the packaging net designs. The CD will work using a Java enabled web browser on any computer platform. It has been tested with Windows, Acorn and Apple machines.

All text information and images can be saved from the web browser for use in word processor and DTP applications.

The packaging designer application allows a wide range of nets to be modified. Any or all dimensions can be modified in the secure knowledge that the net will still fit together. The volume of the completed package, and the surface area of material required are calculated. The modified designs can be saved as industry standard DXF files, which can be loaded into many popular drawing applications.

Profits from the sale of the CD will be ploughed into the development of the D&T Online web site.

The Packaging Designer CDROM costs £15 + £1.50 carriage (UK only). This means that the total price to UK customers is £16.50. The Packaging Designer CDROM is available by sending a cheque or educational order form to:

NAAIDT Publications
c/o DATA
16 Wellesbourne House
Walton Road
CV35 9JB

For further information please contact

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